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What makes our shop different from all the other shops in the valley? We love what we do, and we do it well! Here at Country Clippers our main concern is for your pet. We have a variety of shampoos and conditioners to meet every pets needs. Does your pet have dry skin? We have conditioning shampoo and re-moisturizers. Does your pet have sores and bites? We have medicated and aloe shampoos. Does your pet have fleas and/or ticks? We have top quality flea and tick shampoos. Our main goal is to do the job right! So we focus on each individual pet and stay with that pet through the process. We treat your pets like they are our own!

Our grooms include baths, nails trimmed, pads shaved, ears cleaned, privates shaved, and glands extracted.

Our baths include nails trimmed, pads shaved, privates shaved, faces trimmed, and feet trimmed.

We also offer prep which is faces trimmed, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, pads shaved, privates shave, and brush out. (no bath)

Appointments encouraged, walk-ins welcome up til 2 pm provided there is room and availability. 

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